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 I get women

sexy + confident without shame, impossible meal plans, or ridiculous hours in the gym. 

Quick fixes have gotten you nowhere,

you need a wellness program that lasts.

Stop operating from shame and guilt and start operating from self love and confidence. When you do this right, you no longer feel like you’re either “on” or “off” the wagon

that keeps you in the cycle of fitness failure.

You have been wasting so much time and energy worrying if you are doing it right

and putting yourself down in the process.


My strategy is what changes your outlook on yourself and allows you

 to achieve the body you crave once and for all.

Wellness is about addition, not subtraction. Most fitness coaches are asking you to change your entire life overnight, stick to their strict meal plan, and spend hours each day at the gym.


You need workouts and nutrition coaching that adds to your life, not takes away from it.


If you keep starting and quitting fitness and nutrition plans, it's probably a combination of the wrong coach, unrealistic expectations, or a shame & guilt based approach

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